Ndamukong Suh Delivers Another Dirty Hit

Ndamukong Suh just cannot seem to hit other players in a clean way, it seems. He has been racking up large fines for the hits he puts on other players ever since he got into the NFL. It is really dangerous to play so dirty, and it is important that the NFL has the policy that they do, otherwise they would have even more injuries than they do. Although, maybe the fines should be even higher in order to prevent this from happening so often. Suh is a Cheap Jerseys China defensive tackle, who plays for the Detroit Lions. He graduated from the University of Nebraska and has been in the league for four years now, putting the big hits on offensive lineman and quarterbacks on a regular basis.

Yesterday, he put a big hit on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan, and is Wholesale Jerseys likely to receive a heavy fine because of it. It looks like he may avoid a suspension this time, but how many times can he tackle people in this way before he is simply benched or cut from the team? Everyone wants a guy that is able to get a lot of tackles, but Suh just gets too aggressive sometimes. He cut Sullivan’s knees out from behind when he was trailing an interception return by Deandre Levy, the linebacker for the Lions. Suh’s hit also cost them a touchdown, after their quarterback Matthew Stafford threw an interception, leading to a scoring cheap nba jerseys drive super bowl 2016 jerseys for the Vikings.

Suh remarked to ESPN and said NFL Cheap Jerseys “I wasn’t by any means going for his knees.” It seems a bit hard for him to deny something like that when everyone saw the hit that he put on him. Where else could he have been going for? Dirty play like that cannot be tolerated in the NFL and they will certainly take a look at this and continue to work on other rules that will help ensure the safety of the players.

The ruthless defensive tackle has simply built a reputation and a bit of a legacy around his dirty and costly plays, something that cannot continue. His dirty plays often result in big penalties that hurt the Lions during the games, and he has also injured multiple players during his time in the NFL. Sure, Lions fans will get excited when he gets a big hit because of how cool it looks at the time, but his career will not be looking good for too much longer if he continues to act in this way. In addition to the five games in which Suh has been fined, he was suspended once. The incident kept him out for two games in 2011 for stomping on Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich Smith during a Thanksgiving Day game, reports the Detroit News.

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